Euroball Owners Agreement - Summary

1. Preamble

2. Purpose

3. Resources

4. Management

5. Commencement, Duration and Termination

Signatories to this agreement

Annex A: Owning parties

Annex B Management of the resource

The parties agree that the equipment constituting the resource (described in annex B) will be used by mutual agreement in campaigns dedicated to specific nuclear physics programmes. The owners committee (OC) will be responsible for the management and assure an efficient use of the resources.

The duration of the campaigns should not usually be less than 6 months. They should not exceed two years in the first instance, but will be open for extension beyond that by request. The OC will consider such requests on the basis of the scientific merit, the adequate use, maintenance and repair of the material and the achievements of the campaign up to that point. Resources not committed to such campaigns can be made available for shorter periods.

For every campaign a project management shall be defined and a separate agreement will be signed between the host laboratory and the OC. In particular, this agreement will define the duration of the campaign and the equipment that is actually made available for the campaign. This agreement constitutes formal acceptance of responsibility for that equipment. The collaboration performing the campaign must provide the necessary human and financial resources in order to install and run the instrument, and to perform an adequate maintenance and to pay for the running costs and necessary repairs of the instruments. The project manager shall provide on request progress reports to the OC. Towards the end of a campaign, a plan for returning the resources in optimum condition must be submitted to the OC.

In order to support the collaborations performing experimental campaigns, dedicated laboratories providing a home-base for certain parts of the equipment will be defined. The expertise for these duties is currently distributed within the community and the OC will be responsible to define a working scheme in order to distribute the workload within the collaboration. The home-base laboratories are responsible to keep an inven­tory of the items under their responsibility and to provide adequate storage when the equipment is not being used. They will also ensure that the equipment is tested at the end of each campaign and organise possible repairs. In exchange the collabo­rations will provide compensation for expenditures at the home-base labora­tories, which will be covered by the running costs for the experimental campaigns.

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