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NEW Call for GAMMAPOOL Applications

July 1st 2019

is the new deadline for applications to the Gammapool committee for the use of EGP resources

for the period until 12/2021

At present, the resources assessed by this agreement comprise all equipment that was financed from the EUROBALL capital as given in the original EUROBALL Memorandum of Understanding:

* the HPGe and BGO detectors, including the inner-ball calorimeter, the neutron-wall liquid scintillators and the Euclides Si ball,

* the corresponding electronics and the data acquisition system (see caveat below),

* other infrastructure items jointly owned by the collaboration.

All Bids for Gammapool resources must be accompanied by a physics case, a technical case demonstrating the feasibility of the proposal, and a letter of support from the proposing host institution. The bids should clearly indicete all resources bid for and detail the period for which the equipment is bid for. Please also bear in mind when preparing the technical case that the EUROBALL electronics is ageing rapidly and can not be relied on for a campaign.

Bids and Letters of Intent should be sent to Jan Jolie by July 1st.

It is usually a good idea to liaise with the Gammapool committee before submitting a bid.

Yours sincerely

Jan Jolie
   Chairman EOC


pdf version of this call

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